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If you are planning to take the step into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and would like to conduct your own Initial Coin Offering (ICO), then you have come to the right place. We offer you comprehensive support to successfully plan, launch and execute your ICO.

Our team consists of experts with extensive experience in the fields of cryptocurrencies, marketing and finance. We support you from idea development to implementation and create the conditions for a successful fundraising campaign.

Our specialized ICO agency

Our agency specializes in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and offers companies tailor-made advice and comprehensive services for the planning, development and implementation of a successful ICO as part of a cryptocurrency project.

Our services at a glance

  • Creation of the white paperYour whitepaper, which describes your idea and concept in detail, is written by our experienced team and is available directly to investors.
  • Development of the roadmapWe create a clear roadmap for your ICO to transparently present the planned steps and developments to investors.
  • Provision of the coinmapAll important data of your Coinmap, including the rules and ON-chain data of your cryptocurrency, are made available for download.
  • Coin exchange scriptInvestors can use a wallet to automatically exchange their coins and tokens for other cryptocurrencies such as Ether, XRP, Solana, BNB and others.
  • Listing in CREO DEX ExchangeYour cryptocurrency is listed on our own decentralized exchange and can be traded automatically by others. We also take care of the listing on important decentralized exchanges and trading venues.
  • IEO supportWe offer investors security against fraud through exit strategies or pump-and-dump schemes through a verified Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
  • Website / ICO Presale-HomepageWe develop appealing websites and ICO presale homepages to attract investors and increase the visibility of your ICO.
  • Listing on crypto exchangesWe support you in listing your cryptocurrency on various crypto exchanges.
  • NFT Marketing AgencyOur NFT marketing experts will help you tap into the NFT dimension for your project.
  • SEO & Online Marketing: Through targeted marketing and PR measures, we ensure that investors become aware of your ICO.
  • Professional ICO supportEven after a successful ICO, we will continue to be at your side and support you in managing your cryptocurrencies.

Rely on our expertise and experience to make your ICO project a success. We are your trusted partner for the entire ICO lifecycle.

Phase 1: Concept and planning

  • Definition of the visionIn this initial phase, we lay the foundation for our ICO by clearly defining our vision and goals.
  • Team compositionAn essential step in attracting the best minds from the blockchain and crypto world who share and support our vision.

Phase 2: Whitepaper creation

  • Creation of the white paperOur team of experts starts by creating a detailed white paper that explains our idea, our concept and our technology in detail.
  • Demo WhitepaperThe publication of a demo white paper enables investors and interested parties to gain an initial insight into our project.

💎 DEMO Whitepaper
💎 What is a white paper?

Phase 3: Roadmap and coinmap

  • Development of the roadmapOur roadmap is created to clearly communicate our planned steps and milestones on the way to the ICO.
  • Provision of the coinmapThe Coinmap, which contains all relevant data and rules of our cryptocurrency, is available for download.

💎 DEMO Roadmap

Phase 4: Technical development

  • Implementation of the coin exchange scriptWe use a powerful coin exchange script that allows investors to seamlessly exchange their coins and tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

Phase 5: Listing and IEO

  • Listing on the CREO DEX ExchangeOur cryptocurrency is listed on our own decentralized exchange as well as on important decentralized exchanges and exchanges.
  • Secure IEOBy introducing a verified Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), we ensure investor security and protect against fraud.

This roadmap provides a clear path to the successful launch of our ICO. It stands for transparency, security and efficiency to take investors and interested parties on a journey into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We are proud to follow this path with our community and help shape the future of blockchain.

Our ICO consulting services

1. competitive analysis

Competitor analysis is a central component of our ICO planning. We analyze all potential competitors who are pursuing a similar concept and have already carried out successful ICOs. From these findings, we derive a thorough analysis of your business model, identifying strengths, weaknesses and untapped potential. This enables us to develop an innovative concept by avoiding your competitors' mistakes and identifying new opportunities and improvements.

2. token concept

A key aspect in the conception of every ICO project is the design of the token. This includes not only the design of the token itself, but also the cycle model and, in particular, the definition of the token type. The two main types, utility and security tokens, have significant differences and need to be integrated into your business idea in a meaningful way. A strategically thought-out token concept can make the difference between a successful and a failed ICO.

3. blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is developing rapidly. The growing complexity and variety of technologies available to create blockchain projects and smart contracts make it difficult to choose the right technology to implement your ICO project. Our experts will help you with the technical design of your ICO project, taking into account all the variables that can affect the final outcome.

4 Legal basis

Given the numerous ICO fraud cases and increasing regulation in the crypto market, legal issues are crucial. Our detailed legal advice takes into account the specific legal provisions depending on the type of token (utility vs. security token), as well as the selection of the appropriate jurisdiction for ICO registration and bank account opening.

5. whitepaper

A convincing whitepaper is of crucial importance for potential investors. However, creating an outstanding ICO whitepaper is no easy task. Our ICO experts know the most important aspects of creating a white paper and can help you create an engaging and persuasive document.

6 ICO Community Marketing

Building a strong community is crucial to the success of your ICO project. Our agency offers comprehensive advice on community marketing and uses proven methods to build a sustainable crypto community.

7. crypto token economics

Tokenomics" or "Cryptoeconomics" examines the economic factors of your ICO token. We analyze and develop a meaningful token economy to ensure the success of your ICO/STO.

8. post-ICO consulting

Completing an ICO crowdsale is just the beginning. Our agency also supports your project after the ICO and carries out all the necessary post-ICO measures.
⍟ Services with blockchain & cryptocurrencies ⍟

Our experienced ICO agency supports you at every stage of your ICO project - from conception to planning and implementation. We rely on individual advice and professional implementation to make your ICO a success.

Our team consists of experienced experts in the fields of cryptocurrencies, marketing and finance. We create an informative whitepaper and a convincing roadmap for you, develop an appealing website and support you in the creation and management of smart contracts.

Through targeted marketing and PR measures, we make investors aware of your ICO and organize meetups and events for you to meet potential investors.

Even after a successful ICO, we are there for you and advise you on listing on crypto exchanges and the further management of your cryptocurrencies.

Before the ICO

  1. Market research
    • Target group analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • Market demand
  2. Project planning
    • Whitepaper creation
    • Roadmap
    • Tokenomics
  3. Legal preparations
    • Legal advice
    • Compliance with legal regulations
    • Creation of general terms and conditions
  4. Technical preparations
    • Development of the blockchain
    • Smart Contracts
    • Safety checks
  5. Team composition
    • Blockchain experts
    • Marketing team
    • Consultant
  6. Marketing and PR
    • Website creation
    • Social media campaigns
    • Influencer marketing
  7. Community development
    • Telegram group
    • Reddit threads
    • Webinars and AMA sessions

During the ICO

  1. Token sale
    • Pre-sale
    • Main sale
    • Bonus structures
  2. Communication
    • Regular updates
    • Customer support
    • Press releases
  3. Transparency
    • Disclosure of progress
    • Financial reports
  4. Security measures
    • DDoS protection
    • Cold storage for funds

After the ICO

  1. Token distribution
    • To investors
    • To the team and consultants
  2. Project implementation
    • Development phases according to the roadmap
    • Community updates
  3. Listing on stock exchanges
    • Application and approval
    • Securing liquidity
  4. Further marketing
    • Partnerships
    • Further PR work
  5. Monitoring and report
    • Performance tracking
    • Financial and development reports
  6. Community Management
    • Further development and maintenance of the community
    • Feedback collection

These points are only a starting point and may vary depending on the project and market conditions.

Put your trust in our experience and let us work together to make your ICO a success. Contact us now to find out more about our services and receive a quote.
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🚀 Development of a professional website and presentations
🚀 Marketing and PR measures to make investors aware of your ICO
🚀 Organization of meetups and events to meet potential investors
🚀 Support for the creation and management of smart contracts
🚀 Support with listing on crypto exchanges

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🚀 DEMO ICO Presale Homepage
🚀 Analysis and advice for crypto investments
🚀 Training & coaching for business and companies

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