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Support us in the ICO process and give away 250 x 1000 CREO Coins. You will be credited with 1000 $CREOS for every Airdrop you give away. Every wallet holder you add to the ICO is automatically in the affiliate program in your level.

💎 NFT META Wallet (Opensea)
💎 NFT MasterPass 
⭐ The CREO Partner Program

The time has come ! Airdrop started !

The airdrop is part of a sophisticated ICO strategy to reach the required number of holders and promote $CREOS in popular central exchanges. The airdrop will only account for 25% of the wallet holders and is limited to 1000 Hodler. Therefore, the number of participants in the CREO Metawallet is highly limited and unique. Every participant of the Airdrop strategy (Hodler METAWALLET) has the chance to earn up to 250.000 $CREOS (value 27.000 Euro ) without any costs.

Bonus % Once you have managed to generate the first 10 holders we will send you the NFT Masterpass to your wallet.


TIP: Use our landing page for newbies and support him. Help him install his own Metamask wallet and then send him $CREOS . Metamask is one of the most popular and secure wallet providers to store coins / tokens / NFTs and is often used to log into many portals and marketplaces.

💎 METAMASK Download Guide (Tip)

NFT MetaWallet ( Youtube Account)