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The metawallet is the first effective marketing strategy of the presale phase and is very suitable for networkers. This makes it possible to make a career even if you are not a programmer for blockchain and smart contracts. The issuance of airdrops is strictly limited as it has a major impact on inclusion in the exchanges.
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⭐  METAWALLET (Opensea)

Social media $CREOS

Kryptoakademie24 now has several social media channels to drive trust, awareness and affinity for the ICO project. We have chosen the social media project with the widest reach and the most dynamic. Further optimization measures and important settings will follow in the next few months. A relevant hashtag database for the target group was researched and integrated into the further social media management strategy.

⭐  Twitter
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⭐  Youtube Channel
⭐  TikTok

Whatsapp groups

We are now using the new Whatsapp feature and have subordinated several groups to an announcement group. This means that the entire team and the right people are better connected in a discussion group. The feature is in the beta phase. If anything changes, we will blog about it
The following group topics have been created. The first members have been added
⭐ SEO content
⭐ Blockchain Genesis Team
⭐ ICO updates
⭐ NFT Metawallet Aidrdrop
⭐ NFT Masterpass Member
⭐ SEO backlink network
⭐ Team building Solidity programmer
Members: 14 As of 01/18/2032

OpenAi Chatbot SEO

The OpenAi chatbot was to be developed as an SEO tool for unique content in dropshipping projects. The integration with the A.I. technology was discovered by chance. We have integrated the chatbot api into our SEO backlink strategy. Should the rank be output as desired, this could be another revolution in information technology and how we search for information.
♻️   OpenAi research

NEXT Steps - Timeline preview

♻️ QAISEO Token Qubit@K.I.
♻️ Onpage SEO A.i
♻️ Influencer
♻️ Social media tool
♻️ Social media marketing
♻️ Twitter Blue (inactive in DE)