Bitcoin Halving / Halving of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Halving

It's coming soon. The second Bitcoin halving in the history of Bitcoin will come soon. According to the latest calculations, it will take place on July 9.

Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, programmed this feature, block halving, into Bitcoin very early on. This means that the payout of the mined Bitcoins is halved per block. Then, instead of the 25 bitcoins mined per block, only 12.5 BTC are distributed to the miners.

So what is this, Bitcoin block reward halving?

All Bitcoin transactions are assigned to a block. These are then recorded in a public ledger, the blockchain. All those who mine Bitcoin are called miners, and the miners are rewarded with Bitcoin. At the moment, there are exactly 25 Bitcoin per block that come onto the market.

The first halving came in November 2012. The block halved from 50 to 25. After every 210,000 blocks ,the number of bitcoin paid out halves.

For this event, several terms are used. "Bitcoin Halving" is the most common one. "Reward Halving", "Bitcoin Mining Reward Halving" or "Halving" are some other terms.In German it means "Bitcoin Block Halving".

What does "Bitcoin Halving" mean for the price?

Here, too, the market regulates the price of Bitcoin according to supply and demand. The block halving will probably also have an impact on the price of Bitcoin. In order for the work to remain profitable for the miners, the price of Bitcoin must increase. In the coming weeks and months, it will be seen how the demand and the price of the Bitcoin will develop. Many experts see a significant price - rise.

An example from 2012

The first block halving was on November 28, 2012, when the price per bitcoin increased by just 1.7%. In the months that followed, the price showed constant growth. Then, in 2013, finally came the famous price rally. The price of Bitcoin rose from 13 dollars to 260 dollars in just a few months.