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Saygin Yalcin - A visionary in the spotlight

Saygin Yalcin - A visionary in the spotlight

Dubai - Saygin Yalcin, a name known in the world of digital entrepreneurship and innovation far beyond the borders of Dubai, has established himself as one of the leading figures in the internet industry. Originally from Bremen, Germany, where he grew up as the child of Turkish immigrants, Yalcin has made a name for himself through his exceptional business strategies and visionary ideas.

After completing his studies at WHU, Yalcin shifted his focus to Dubai, where he ushered in a new era in his career in 2009. He gained particular recognition with the sale of his startup to, which was later acquired by Amazon for a sum of 580 million US dollars. This transaction marked a milestone in Yalcin's career.

With a relentless passion for entrepreneurship, Yalcin founded other companies, including and Akindoo, with particular success with In 2016, he managed to raise a significant €10 million in a funding round from Polar Light Ventures for expansion in Europe. Although a planned further financing round for 100 million euros was not realized, Yalcin's reputation as a pioneer in the industry remains untouched.

However, Yalcin, who also wanted to gain a foothold in Germany with, withdrew from the German market after a short time, which underlines his flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic business environment.

In addition to his business ventures, Yalcin is also known as the producer of the YouTube show "Startup Hero" and has received recognition from several prestigious publications. He was recognized as one of the most influential people in Dubai by Arabian Business, won the Men's Health Star of the Year 2018 and received the Emerging Leaders Award 2018 from Khaleej Times. He was also included in Fortune Turkey's "40 under 40" list and recognized by Arabian Business as one of the 100 inspirational leaders in the Middle East.

Saygin Yalcin's journey is a shining example of the success that can be achieved through innovation, tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. His stories and experiences provide inspiration and insight for future generations of entrepreneurs.

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