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CREO Chat Messenger

Creo.Chat Messenger (A.I. / SEO )

CREO the Darknet ChatScript with quantum-resistant messaging. Security: Military and intelligence standard. A chat messenger that authoritarian governments use and that should be used on the darknet.

We are currently developing a messenger and have been able to adopt the most advanced darknet technology.

We promise to make this technology available to the whole of humanity to download free of charge

What does "it should be used on the Darknet"? How does a Hardcore Google SEO who opposes Darth Vader rebels, War against the evil forces and Donations against evil collects to a darknet messenger? What kind of technology has been appropriated? And who the hell is X ?
This is the material for the second season of a Netflix series. But it's certainly one of the best thrillers based on a true story

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