πŸ’Ž The CREO CoinMap πŸ’Ž

The CREO Coinmap

Probably the most useful whitepaper in the world ⍟
Here you will find all the data and information stored as a coin map. We have worked out our ICO CREO Coin concept conscientiously and with the most powerful ON Chain analysis tools. The goal will be to list the CREO Coin in the top exchanges and let the investors participate in the success in the presale phase.
πŸš€ Whitepaper
πŸš€ Roadmap
πŸš€ Team
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On chain data

⍟ All technical data of CREO Coin ⍟
Here you can find all public transactions and blockchain data as an explorer that has also been verified as a smart contract on the Ehereum blockchain.
⭐ Coin Name: CREO Coin
⭐ Abbr.: {#CREO}
⭐ Coin total quantity fixed! 590 million βœ“
⭐ Standard: ERC20 (Ether Chain)
⭐ βœ“ deployed Smart Contract βœ“Β 
πŸ’Ž Marketing Fees: Free
πŸ’Ž Developer Fees: Free
⭐ SWAP min. 5000 CREO Coins
⭐ SWAP max. 250,000 CREO Coins
Second Level Listing:

IEO βœ“ Smart Contracts

⍟ With safety to success ⍟
With the βœ“ certification by smart contracts that can no longer be changed, we set the rules for the exchange in the presale phase. These are rules that apply to every investor and owner of CREO Coins

πŸ’Ž Pump & dump lock
πŸ’Ž Maximum quantity per wallet
πŸ’Ž No Airdrops / Lance Faucet
πŸ’Ž IEO per Solidity Contracts

Presale in 5 phases

⍟ Really cleverly devised presale phase ⍟
We have calculated a deflΓ€tionary presale phase and thus a clever coin issue and integrated this into the swap concept. This significantly increases the probability of a listing in the important exchanges (Exchanges). From the 2nd level of the presale phase you can sell the swapped CREO Coins on our trading platform free of charge.
πŸš€ Presale coin quantity: 59 million [Fixed!]
πŸ’Ž Lvl.1 11 million : 11 cents (€)
πŸ’Ž Lvl.2 22 million: 0.19 (€) [Swap] βœ“
πŸ’Ž Lvl.3 33 million: 0.27 (€) [Swap] βœ“
πŸ’Ž Lvl.4 44 million: 0.35 (€) [Swap] βœ“
πŸ’Ž Lvl.5 55 million: 0.49 (€) [Swap] βœ“
⭐  CREO Coin Chain (demo)
⍟ Sell CREO Coins as early as Level 2! ⍟
SWAP: Starting from the 2nd level of the presale phase, you can sell or trade your CREO Coins to other investors on our decentralized exchange (DEX) for a profit.
πŸ’Ž CREO Coins exchange now! βœ“

Coin Investment Concept

⍟ The best marketing strategies in the world ⍟
Here we have the distribution of expenses and self-investment from the sale and exchange of CREO Coin in the presale phase. We are years of experienced online marketing experts and hardcore search engine optimizers with a 21 years old and harmonious backlink network. The aim of SEO and internet marketing measures is to increase TrustRank visibility and thus popularity and awareness of the ICO project.
⭐ SEO & Marketing 30-45 %
⭐ Affiliate program 20-30 % (€)
⭐ Developer 10-20 % (€)
⭐ Design & Themes 5-7 %
⭐ Research (invest)

Exchanges List Roadmap

⍟ Exchanges love well-designed ICOs ⍟
Here you can read the beta roadmap of the listing of CREO Coin. The goal of CREO Coin is to successfully apply to the most important and popular exchanges. With the listing in a crypto portal with many users and members you can exchange your CREO Coins on your wallet against Bitcoin and Co. In the following DEX Exchanges the listing is done in the presale phase without Hodlers and can be bought immediately by all members.
First Level:
⭐ Pancakeswap (BEP20) 0,99 €
⭐ Uniswap Β (ERC20) 2,49 €
⭐ Claimswap (ERc729) 1,19 €
⭐ Bithump
⭐ SushiSwap
⭐ Upbit
Second Level Listing: 2.50 euros
πŸš€ Binance LaunchPad βœ“
πŸš€ Huobi Prime βœ“
πŸš€ Coineal Launchpad βœ“
πŸš€ Bitmax βœ“
πŸš€ IDAX Foundation βœ“