⭐ The CREO Roadmap ⭐

⭐ The CREO roadmap

Here you will find all the data and information as a roadmap.
We have set ourselves the goal of providing our investors with the greatest possible transparency and security for our ICO. Here is a step by step guide from the idea to the joint success of the coin.

⭐ The idea & whitepaper

Probably the most useful whitepaper in the world ⍟
In the whitepaper you will find our ideas and concepts that we want to explore and develop. Our whitepaper is one of the most meaningful and promising concepts in the cryptoverse. All our ideas and concepts reflect our fascination with blockchain technologies and our mission to realize them

💎 Read the whitepaper!
💎 The CREO Coin Map 
💎 The Kryptoakademie24 team 
💎 The Kryptoverse Agency

⭐ Domain / Website / Design

Probably the most useful whitepaper in the world ⍟
An easily navigable and user-friendly project presentation with an appealing design is realized. A navigation with an affinity to the topic and a quick menu navigation. The design should reflect the cryptoverse and encourage the user to stay on the site. Error-free coding without lots of bells and whistles and annoying ads
LEVEL 2 ⍟ ⍟
💎 Logo / Banner
💎 Theme / Template
💎 Plugins & programming
💎 Menu & Navigation / RSS Feeds

⭐ Content / Blogging / Journal

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With an easy-to-understand style, even newcomers and laypersons should be able to subscribe to and understand our news articles and publications. From the SEO analysis, topics are covered that crypto enthusiasts are also interested in and search for in the search engines. Users should be attracted to the site by exciting and informative news publications.
LEVEL 3 ⍟ ⍟
💎 Blog article / Inside KA24 
💎 Journalistic news
💎 Search term analysis (SEO)
💎 Glossary crypto lexicon

⭐ Coin & presale phase 

Probably the most useful whitepaper in the world ⍟
It is time to deploy your own CREO coin on the blockchain (Ethereum ERC20) and verify it. Now the coin presale phase can begin and the sale can take place with an exchange value. We have refined the on-chain data such as the quantity and the output phases with the most powerful AI tools, thereby increasing the probability of a listing in the most popular Exchanges increased considerably. With a maximum exchange amount per wallet of 250,000 coins, it is almost impossible to dump the coin value through Whale. In the Coin Map you will find all blockchain data and the distribution of investments in the presale phase.
LEVEL 4 ⍟ ⍟
Read the Coin Map!
Buy / Swap Coin
💎 Pump & dump lock
💎 Maximum quantity per wallet
💎 No Airdrops / Lance Faucet
💎 IEO Solidity Contracts

Developer / Development

⍟ The most successful programmers for success ⍟
We are constantly developing and optimizing our crypto services with competent programmers, thereby expanding our sphere of activity in the cryptoverse. The following developer services are always in our focus
⍟ LEVEL 5 ⍟
💎 Interfaces to the exchanges
💎 Website and scripts programming
💎 Solidity and Pyhton training center
💎 PHP and CSS updates 

SEO & Online Marketing

⍟ The best internet marketing concepts in the world ⍟
As a hardcore search engine agency with many years of experience, we are constantly improving the rank of our homepage to achieve better positions in Google search queries. With a higher visibility, the reach also increases and the project becomes better known and more popular. we have decades of expertise and a harmonious and high-ranking backlink network. We focus on the following SEO and marketing measures:
LEVEL 6 ⍟ ⍟
Internet Marketing Strategies
💎 Backlink network ✓
Influencer marketing ✓
💎 Social media marketing ✓
💎 IEO / ICO / NFT Marketing ✓
💎 Community structure ✓
🚀 Game app advertising ✓
Streaming services Bannerads ✓

⭐ DEX Exchanges

⍟ Sophisticated and clever ICO strategy ⍟
The coin will first be listed on decentralized exchanges to make the project better known to many crypto enthusiasts. In addition, investors interested in an exchange can swap CREO coins directly on the exchanges (first listing). . To do so, liquidity must be deposited in advance for the reimbursement of the blockchain. Many popular exchanges with millions of members have criteria that must be met for the coin to be listed on the platforms.
LEVEL 7 ⍟ ⍟
💎 Construction Coin Holder (approx: 4000-5000 ✓
💎 Increase in transactions ✓
💎 Community required (Twitter, Insta etc.) ✓
⭐ Pancakeswap (BEP20) 0,99 €
Uniswap  (ERC20) 1,49 €
⭐ Claimswap (ERc729) 1,19 €
⭐ Bithump
⭐ SushiSwap
⭐ Upbit
Second Level Listing: 2.50 euros
🚀 Binance LaunchPad ✓
🚀 Huobi Prime ✓
🚀 Coineal Launchpad ✓
🚀 Bitmax ✓
🚀 IDAX Foundation ✓


⍟ Professional blockchain services for SMEs & business ⍟
We are an ICO project with professional services that we provide to business and wealthy people for a fee. We are not an ICO project that is solely dependent on the sale of our own tokens / coins. Blockchain services, in particular WEB3 and smart contracts, are among the most sought-after and best-paid professions of all. The following services are on our professional portfolio
LEVEL 8 ⍟ ⍟
⭐ Intensive consulting & coaching / seminars
Smart contracts (Soliditiy)
💎 NFT Fullservice (artist)
💎 Crypto Invest & Trading
💎 ICO / IEO certification and management
💎 Web3 applications
💎 Blockchain concept


⍟ Kryptoakademie24 in many languages and countries ⍟
It is essential in the cryptoverse to make the project presentation available for other countries and languages. We are working with the best AI supported language tools and translators to accelerate the project in other countries.
LEVEL 8 ⍟ ⍟
💎 28 languages
💎 English global support
💎 Global agitation
💎 Worldwide networking

Blockchain Bootcamp / Academy

Probably the most useful whitepaper in the world ⍟
We are already researching blockchain technology for the future of decentralization. As a CREO Coin investor, you actively support us with resources that we dedicate significantly to research and advancing blockchain technology. Below is a short list of the roadmap for the green blockchain.
🚀 Office space / Internet / DSL
🚀 Installation Bitcoin Source
🚀 Structure of the Blockchain Genesis team
🚀 Blockchain Academy & Bootcamp
💎 Blockchain Whitepaper 💎
⭐ Join in and apply for the team
⭐ Support : Telegram/Whatsapp group
⍟ News updates ⍟ Blog articles ⍟